Staying in Your Reality

Relationships can be difficult, but a relationship with someone who has high-spectrum narcissistic tendencies or narcissistic personality disorder, can not only be difficult, but also emotionally and mentally destructive!

Hide and Seek…The Narcissist’s Favorite Game

While there are many more games played by Narcissists, the game I found them playing the most is “Hide and Seek”. Of course, the rules and object of the game are much different than the one we played as children.

revolving door

The Narcissist’s Revolving Door

The Narc is the only one that comes and goes quickly without being seen by the others.

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Narcissist’s Pity Party

Narcissists love to throw themselves pity parties, but please don’t accept the invitation!

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Narcissist's Poison Arrow

Narcissist’s Poison Arrow

Narcissists are very selective in who their targets are and they go through quite the process to finding and grooming one.

The Narcissist’s Golden Rule

Narcissists do not follow the universal Golden Rule because they have their own rule. Their Golden Rule reads more like this: “treat others horribly no matter how good they treat you”. The odd thing about their rule that is that it seems to be universal amongst all narcissists.

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